Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Decision To Make...

These few days I have to face so many discipline problems from my staffs such as absent without leave, breaking company's rules, no co-operation with others and so many more.

If I make a list here, I'm pretty sure you guys will have a headache on the spot! :p

But, when it comes to make sure that they don't have a chance to breaking company's rules, I have to choose either 1 : friendship or career...?

Of course I will choose my career! And of course they can't accept my decision.. What to do? The company pays me to make sure their operations goes smoothly (by hook or by crook)..& friends are still hoping that I will close 1 eye for what they did..

It's really tough for me, friends..

The tough decision that I made those days is to fired some of my staffs...I really had to do it and I really hate to do so..really!

The decision has been made and I have to face the others.. They start talking to each other that I'm very cruel, I have no feelings and whatsoever..

Go on friends.. Keep on saying.. As long as the company still want me to work for them, I have to put aside my personal feelings.. No matter you are my best friend or even though you are my relatives, I won't compromise of any discipline problems & I mean it!

From the bottom of my heart, I feel sorry for those been fired.. I really have no choice!

That is what I learn these days.. No matter how good you are, rules is rules!!!

Moral Of The Story : We can't pleased everybody!

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