Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Hard Day...

Another hard day for an officer like me.. So many tough decision to make in order to make sure my company operated smoothly.. So many workers that the company's have, just pretending that they are loyal to the company but the fact is not! Hmmm... How am i going to describe this kind of workers?

This evening I have to face another scenario in my office.. Our supervisor has made a bad example for another staffs.. Disobeying management order is not a good thing to show off! I really shocked!

How come your staffs want to respect you when you can argue management decision? And bear in mind that you are the 1 who has been choose by the company as a role model to the others.. What to say? Malay attitude are really bad when it comes to this part.. Sorry to say..but I have to.. I feel ashamed for those Malay who can't accept other Malay's commands but they won't argue if the commands were came from other races... Sounds like I'm condemning my races.. huh? The fact is there.. Try to ask your colleagues.. Is that what I'm saying true? Or I just mumbling around?

Come on all Malay folks... Stop dreaming!!! Wake up!!! We are now in war with other races to proved that our races is another great creature in this world!

Sometimes I really feel sad, Malay can't moved on.. But 1 thing for sure, Malay has a specialty in creating reasons when something can't be done in a correct way! :p

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Auberta said...

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