Saturday, July 14, 2007

Malaysian Football Pt. 3

Today Malaysia will face Uzbekistan in Asia Cup match. As I told you before that I don't think that our national team can go through this time.. And I positively thinking that our national team will be humiliated once again this evening..The scores might be more than 3!!!

Come on Malaysia!! Wake up!! For how long that we can see our country will be in football map together with Brazil, Argentina, Italy or Germany (I just named a few of tough country)? Playing in World Cup? I can say that is IMPOSSIBLE thing to do! Sorry all Malaysian fellow but I just telling you how I feel of being Malaysian supporter.. :(

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Shot at 2007-07-14

KUALA LUMPUR - Norizan Bakar has shaken off the heavy criticism levelled at his Malaysia team since their 5-1 loss to China in their AFC Asian Cup 2007 Group C opener, saying that it is all part and parcel of his job as Malaysian national coach.

Speaking in a pre-match press conference ahead of his side’s clash against Uzbekistan at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Saturday, Norizan said that he was unphased by the negative comments and lack of support received from the Football Association of Malaysia in the wake of Tuesday night’s debacle.

“This is the country, so it’s normal when you do badly in a game that you get all the critics saying not so nice things,” said the Malaysia coach.

“We have to admit that it was not a very good result that we had in our first game against China. We now have our second match against Uzbekistan and we have to rise to the occasion and do something about it.

“The only thing I can ask of the players is to give their best for the second game. We do not have a choice; we must play to our level best.”

While accepting much of the criticism, Norizan was keen to emphasize the need to look ahead to upcoming games.

“I think we have to forget about the China game and concentrate on Uzbekistan,” he said.

“I’m sure everybody is not happy with how we performed. We have talked about it and as players and human beings, we don’t want to be humiliated.

“So I’ve told them that as a team, we have to raise ourselves and give a positive approach in our next game.”

Norizan said that he and his coaching staff have worked out a game plan to match the Uzbeks, who lost their opener 2-1 to Iran. However, he was giving few clues as to what that plan actually involved.

“We have watched our game and Uzbekistan’s game, and we have done an analysis and prepared a game plan. We just want to do something and we hope that it will work out tomorrow.

“At this level of the game, we cannot play too defensive because we cannot stop the ball from coming in.

“And we cannot be too attack-oriented also because if you are too exposed at the back, the other team can capitalise on your mistakes.

“So we have to be really careful in our approach to tomorrow’s game.”

The Malaysia coach hinted that there might be changes to his starting line-up, but despite the presence of tall central defender K.Nanthakumar at the main table during the press conference, he gave few clues as to who might be dropped or recalled.

“The team that will play against Uzbekistan will only be finalised at the last hour.

“There are many assumptions and many things that we can put forward tomorrow. Nantha is one of the players in the squad and I suppose he is like one of the other players because he wants to show that we will try to go into the game tomorrow with a positive approach.”

Nanthakumar echoed his coach’s comments and emphasised his desire to help Malaysia to bounce back from their opening loss.

“If I play, I give my best. I want to win and do something against Uzbekistan,” said the Perak player.

“I don’t want to come here to lose three games. At least if we can get three points or a draw against Iran, that is something.

“We will give our best and try to improve. Anything can happen in football so we will just try our best.”

Another sweet words from our national fellows.. :(


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